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GST Ready ERP Solution for Apparel, Footwear, Lifestyle & Fashion 

Like most fashion, apparel and consumer goods industry professionals, you are constantly challenged to meet fast-changing consumer demand for more innovative products and more frequent product releases. Yet you are also tasked with reducing costs and cycle times, and to generally doing more with less.

The suite of solution comprises of integrated functionalities for Apparel ,Footwear & Fashion , the best selling software with unmatched modular solution with powerful tools more over it takes care of each and every requirement of:

  • Retailer
  • Distributor
  • Manufacturer

It provides comprehensive solution for Accounting, Sales, Purchase, Order Management , Production , eCommerce , B2B and MIS Reporting.


An essential component of any retail operation is the planning function. Using the right toolset eliminates the use of spread sheets and gut-feel, and provides the ability to quickly, easily and accurately forecast requirements, and then automatically convert the requirements into purchase orders.



Material requirements planning (MRP) - Manages MRP through a Windows-based process that enables users to define a planning scenario and predict demand based on forecasts .
Warehouse management - Handles inventory levels, item management, price lists, special price agreements, transfers between warehouses, and stock transactions. MRPII and Production for dierent Strategies / Organizations. The manufacturing functions include specific strategies / functions for materials management: order and stock related production, mixed and variant production as well as the necessary functions for the appropriate production planning and execution of manufacturing orders.
Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) . APS is used for detailed planning in enterprises, if order times, lead times, transition periods, capacity allocations, availability of resources are critical parameters in the value creation process. By graphical visualization and comparison of all activities with resources, a high level of transparency is achieved, where and how intervention is required. 


In textile, apparel, and footwear companies, SKU and Bill of Material complexity is a challenge that you face across your supply chain systems. 
With Apparel and Footwear for ERP Business One dimensional capability, you will be able to manage your data at the end item level to successfully forecast, plan, and manufacture your product, delivering the right product and controlling your inventories.


You use this function for ordering a product from one or several vendors for one particular customer. In contrast to mass orders for the general market, the product in the purchase-to-order is especially designed for the customer so that it cannot be sold to other customers.


A customer places an order X1 with a company A. The company A does not manufacture these goods internally. So, they will procure these goods from company B and then supply it to their customer.
Similar to the processes of make-to-order production  and third-party order processing a purchase requisition assigned to the sales order item is created for each order item. The purchase requisition cannot therefore satisfy other requirements. In AFS these processes are processed at item level. That means that a purchase order item is assigned to a sales order item.

Distribution & Wholesale

Companies involves in distribution business keeps stocks at distributors side , they push the sales through their sales staffs. Here remote located staff need to see the item catalogue, need to maintain DSR and expenses sheet . More to these dealers and retailers now days want to view the item catalogue online and provide their order online, even if commission agent also looking to track their customers transaction with company. Some time company goes for order booking on exhibitions and Hotels, unable to carry all styles and category to display there. Hence challenges now on internet ages created how to handle such above requirements.
  • Booking Both Online & Offline
  • Size wise Entry & View
  • Allocation & Reservation of Stock Against Orders
  • Allocation or Hold
  • Smooth & Ease Goods Receipt & Rack / Bin Allocation
  • OEM as well as Local Unit Of Measurement Department Wise Barcode Leveling
  • Retailer Wise Booking and Billing to Distributors
  • Commission Agent Tracking and Commission


  • Accounts is integrated with other modules (sales, purchase) for smooth operations
  • Multi-level chart of accounts with general ledger, sub-ledger and cost center
  • Cash Management integrated with purchases and point-of-sale
  • Cash flow, Fund flow planning and management
  • Stores (secondary site) petty expense tracking
  • Cost center / store income & expense analysis
  • Budgeting / variance at general ledger level and site level
  • TDS monitoring through integrated inputs from purchase and payments
  • Complete Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP) functionalities
  • Authorizations for transactions
  • Parked and posted stages for transactions
  • User-defined multiple accounting calendars and year-end process
  • Post-dated cheque tracking and cheque printing
  • Complete reporting – Trial Balance, P/L, B/S, Outstanding, Ageing, GL /SL Registers at a click
  • Profit and loss report site-wise
  • Dynamic mail merge and letter creation through wizard
  • Interest calculation on ledger balance, document outstanding
  • Flexible document adjustment on vouchers, journals, invoices and contra
  • Multiple document schemes and voucher series
  • Repopulate / recalculate tax on entries
  • See stock valuations with adjustments. Stock splits and conversions accommodated


  • Put-away/Flow through classifications
There are typically 2 kinds of retailers: those running disconnected POS and those using a generic ERP along with the POS. Both are not able to have full control over the POS. It should be a matter of top priority for all retailers to control point of sale / cash counter operations in all ways possible and to
gather data back from the POS software in real time. retail software does this and more. The
benefits are total data from POS and complete control over operations.
All Retail Businesses and Formats
  • Inventory classification can handle the most complex of product portfolios
  • Supports all formats of retail including COCO, FOFO, SIS, MBO
  • Custom orders, service orders can be accepted and tracked
Run Retail Promotions
  • Manage prices through store-wise, customer-wise lists, dynamic pricing or margin rules
  • Use all promotions like buy-get, power pricing, happy hour on various assortments
  • Manage customer loyalty centrally through loyalty cards
  • Gift voucher creation, sales and tracking of redemption. Allow 3rd party voucher use
Control User Operations
  • Head-office controlled profiles and procedures for stores
  • Module level and function level security based on user, role and site
  • Salesman performance tracking and incentive calculations including customized models
Intelligent Integrations
  • Integrates with e-commerce and logistics solutions
  • Detailed analysis and Integrated financials remove pain of manual accounting entries


With your established client base, why not offer business-building promotions to your best clients? With Store Management you can send e-mails, letters and postcards. You can say happy birthday to clients, thank new clients and touch base with those that haven't visited you in a while.  

  • Reminds you of client birthdays, and special events
  • Sends emails to clients for marketing purposes
  • Generates client lists in selected categories 
  • System provides inbuilt facility for bulk email and bulk SMS to existing customers on new schemes, new launch and special offers.
Online Marketing 
Become a leader through search results. You spent the time to get your store’s website done right. Now it’s time to make sure it becomes visible.

Point of Sales (POS)

The greatest retail stores invariably invest in the best retail point of sale systems. Do they stop at the hardware? No the POS is equally important. It is no longer about just working as a sales register but more as an intelligent point of sale system which can apply promotions, enable sales returns and more. Cashiers and store managers working at the point of purchase have a difficult job and we try to make their lives easy with an easy and secure POS system.
Efficient Cash Point
  • Smooth, fast and efficient are keywords at the collection center.
  • Select items by scanning or by searching on price, brand or any other attribute
  • Price selection in case of multiple lots
  • Support for OEM barcode
  • Split payment in multiple modes
  • Promotions application testing and automatic resolution
  • Multiple promotions resolution
  • Skip or test inventory availability check
  • Credit sales
  • Deposits and refunds
  • Customer order
  • Gift voucher sales, issue & real-time redemption
  • Head office controlled manual discounts in amount and percentage
  • Delivery slips for separate picking and billing
  • Download item detail from head office server
  • View stock of item in other stores
  • Search, add, tag customers and allow redemptions
  • Download customer information
  • Day-end settlement with company-defined parameters
Data Synchronization
Even if the traffic in stores is low, data in the pos application become huge and this data needs to be updated to the head-office server (retail ERP). POS software features does this automatically whenever Internet is available on a schedule. It is always backing up only the new transactions to reduce payload size. Data is automatically downloaded from the ERP by the retail POS whenever the schedule triggers.
Comprehensive Store Back-office
  • Create purchase orders
  • Receive goods allocated from head-office and mark short / excess quantities
  • Audit as per local or Head office driven plan with or without stock posting
  • Local Conversion of items (split / bundling)
  • Miscellaneous items consumption entry
  • Petty cash entries
  • Transfer to another store , it could be franchise or company-owned

Customer Loyalty

Managing your customer database is the key to service business success as it allows you to customize your offerings to the customers, know your customer likings and disliking etc. The CRM module allows you to manager comprehensive and detailed customer information which includes their contact details, treatment or service history, bill history are few of them. By looking at the customer wise profitability, you can include the customer in database while running any marketing or loyalty programs.

Fostering customer and prospect relationships requires running of promotional and loyalty programs based on consistent and information. POS facilitates defining rewards points, tracking customer points, redeeming points based on customer preferences, customer-buying behavior and customer segmentation.

  • Loyalty Point earning and redemption definition as per customer demand.
  • Real-Time loyalty point across all POS.
  • Card-less loyalty program - Mobile Number as Customer ID.
  • Discount card & Gift Voucher administration real-time across all POS and restricted category wise & sale volume.
  • SMS & Mail integration allows to schedule event base and transaction base activity to send SMS and mail to customers.
  • Simple customer tagging
  • Ability to use cards as well as mobiles
  • Receive advances, deposits and make refunds
  • Create different membership schemes
  • Product, Category-based earnings multiples
  • Allow or block redemption of points on promotional items
  • Real-time redemption
  • One-time password for redemption
  • Dynamic vouchers and coupons only for targeted customers at the point of sale
  • Search, add, tag customer in bill
  • Mass upload of customer data
  • Customer purchase history view
  • Customer migration to another level / tier
  • Category based targeted promotions
  • Mobile Applications

Chain & Franchisee Outlets

Retail Industry mostly franchisee oriented , the franchisee need the commission in today’s volatile business , some time in commission format, some time MG(Minimum Guarantee) or which ever is higher. Master Franchisee who manages a group of franchisee need the commission calculated . The challenge is very complex to calculate MG or Commission ,may be category based , may be different for different discounted stocks or articles.
The documentation and due diligent documents need to kept and moves through the process of authorization by senior or even if the higher management. The hassle free document management module handle the challenge.
  • Multi-user multi-location operations
  • Common/independent customer
  • Integrated ERP from POS to FA
  • Rates associated with specific
  • regions/stores
  • Raw materials and ingredient inventory visibility
  • End-to-end tracking and traceability
  • Warehouse and distribution management
  • Auto backup (Incremental / full backup)
  • Session begin and session end
  • Task level User security configuration
  • Blind session close
  • Separate returns counter
  • Design reports at Head office and view at POS

Analytics and Dashboard

Data is a natural resource in modern retail. Analyzing voluminous data, customers, business across the markets and assimilating the data with supply chain, marketing, merchandising to discover the profit in real time is the need of the hour. Every organization be it in form of departmental store, supermarket chains to single store, are striving hard to streamlining the business operations along with reducing the maintaining costs.
Everyday a decision deferred can translate to lost sales and margin erosion in the retail world. Retail world is striving hard to deliver best customer experience and retain the customer. Real time information of the inventory, carrying cost is indispensable in the modern world.

E-Commerce (Website)

Solutions for the apparel industry
Selling clothing and apparel online can be tough; consumers are unable to try on the items prior to making a purchase and each business’ inventory often consists of multiple SKUs for each product making for a huge list of items to manage. Since selling online provides businesses in the fashion and apparel industry with a new revenue channel that comes at a low cost, establishing a virtual storefront is a must and it starts with finding an eCommerce solution that understands the ins and outs of the fashion and apparel industry.
Take your business to the next level
Whether you're just establishing an eCommerce presence, or looking to upgrade your current solution, Hades eCommerce can help. We understand your industry; we understand that supply chain management is complex for your business. Our eCommerce solution offers deep integration with your ERP to help you efficiently manage inventory and pricing. It will help alleviate the headache that comes with sales tax management, provide you with a fully customizable web environment, give you control of advanced pricing and promotional offers. It also provides numerous features to help showoff products to your customers like zoom, embedded videos, multiple images, the ability to display multiple SKUs under one listing and as many tabs as you need to organize these elements.

Read more


Other Modules

Protect your data against misuse and malicious interruptions with Apparel and Footwear Management. Multi-user security requires each user to log-on with a secure password. Once logged on, restrictions can be implemented to prevent access to sensitive information. 

  • Automatically backs up data to disk
  • Franchisee Operations Module
  • Operates simply and quickly
  • Includes clearly demonstrated manuals
  • Provides reports for service and retail sales, back bar usage, sales tax, inventory, appointments and general statistics
  • Provides individual user-defined access and security features
  •  Accounts receivable and payables
  •  Financial Accounting Module
  •  Internal Messaging System
  •  Task Management Modules
Why is you have integrated Hades Info Systems – Salon and Spa with Tally.ERP 9 while you already have a integrated financial accounting?

Most of the auditors and business are already using the Tally.ERP for accounting, inventory and statutory reports. We offer export data to Tally.ERP 9 as a convenience to those who want to use it for accounting, statutory reports, and payroll and audit purpose.
Do I need Tally.ERP for my accounting purposes?

Not really. Hades Info Systems POS Software has all the features you need to do sales, inventory control, customer database, invoicing and purchase orders.

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