Business Partnerships for Growth  
Hades Info Systems is a software outsourcing company that realizes that running your business while attempting to grow is a tough job in today’s demanding & competitive environment. Whether you are a Fortune 300 company or an independent software consultant, we are always interested in exploring avenues of working together - sharing risk and revenue.
We are looking for partners in the following areas.
Software Companies
Hades Info Systems works with software development / service companies to leverage resources and maximize value to their customers. Hades Info Systems's extensive experience and standard software development processes help to create innovative software solutions with high reliability and exceptional value.
We are seeking to partner with those companies who can provide a high level client experience and who are easily accessible to clients. As a business partner we will provide a team that has international experience in software outsourcing and can deliver on time and on budget. Our team works on behalf of our partners to maximize efficiency and profit in order to achieve a competitive advantage.  We are available 24/7.
Independent Consultants 
If you are an independent software consultant / domain expert and are interested in integrating your services with ours to deliver onshore/offshore solutions, we look forward to discussing the possibilities of partnering with you. Our team works on behalf of your business.
Reseller Partnerships
If you are interested in selling our services with our / your brand name and you have an established marketing channel, we are interested in discussing partnering with you.
Some highlights of our business practice are the following:
  • Confidentiality; see our non disclosure agreement
  • Quality Human Resources with low turnover
  • Project management with proper tools
  • Proper cost and time line analysis before starting project
  • Strict adherence to time lines
  • Strict adherence to effective software development procedures

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