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GST Ready Software for Wellness, Beauty Salon, Day Spa, Medi Spa & Fitness Centers 
Salon & Spa Management can transform your computer into a fully functional sales register. Itemize every sales ticket, obtain sales reports and balance your end-of-day receipts in a fraction of the time.

  • Salon and Spa industry is completely depends on predefine and planned appointment for blocking the time of stylist as well as the service room or equipments.
  • Highly expiriable as well as perishable product which are consumed for the service purpose needed to be alerted for expiry and wastage.
  • In any situation avoiding expired consumable for customer applications.
  • Business is very volatile in terms of customer walking where as appointment need to overrule in special cases.
  • Handling institutional or corporate customers like Air hostess of different aviation companies and providing them bulk benefits and discounts.
  • POS billing need to be contain both service items as well as sale-able items.
  • For yoga / fitness centre, group appointment of customers for single trainer.
  • Payment interm of advance, packages adjustments and membership card is handles successfully by our ERP.
  • Commissions for main stylist as well as assistant is very difficult handle where industry looking for more diversified commission for service different for different service and sale-able goods.

Hades Info Systems - Salon and spa software application is a highly advanced system designed specifically to manage your spa, salon and gym Salon and spa software is currently being used by spas, beauty salon, super salon, hair salon, day spa, and resort spa, destination spa, hotel spa, club, medi-spa, unisex salon ranging from single operator to multiple-site chain or franchisee with hundreds of employees. With features to manage your entire business Hades Info Systems-Salon and spa software can help you increase profits and create greater efficiency.


When clients call or text, simply open your salon appointment software and add them to your schedule. Online bookings automatically populate on your calendar. You’ll never have to worry about double booking again. Within the visual templates we offer, you have plenty of options to customize your salon appointment book. Create a perfect system that works for you, your stylists, and your front desk.

  • Touch Screen Appointment Module
  • Spa Room Booking Module
  • Schedules all operators easily and accurately
  • Automatically finds open times
  • Books standing appointments
  • Automatically tracks prebook appointments and add-ons
  • Checks for room availability and resources
  • Tracks client check in and out
  • Books multiple services and packages
  • Appointment Confirmation by SMS
  • Appointment Reminder by SMS

POS (Point Of Sales)

Salon & Spa Management can transform your computer into a fully functional sales register. Itemize every sales ticket, obtain sales reports and balance your end-of-day receipts in a fraction of the time.

  • Touch Screen 
  • GST Invoice
  • Instantly calculates every sales transaction
  • Online offline billing
  • Adjusts inventory with each sale
  • Automatically balances your cash drawer 
  • Tracks add-on service sales
  • Tracks each operator's total
  • Handles paid-outs, refunds, Discounts.
  • Handles series, retail and service combinations

Inventory Management

Inventory control is essential for managing a successful business. With Salon & Spa Management you can track sales for every product in your inventory. Simplify the re-ordering process, bar code every item and maintain accurate product counts.

  • Records activity of all retail and chemical products
  • Alerts you when to reorder inventory
  • Generates bar codes and price labels
  • Analyzes all sales for best profit potential   

Marketing Management

With your established client base, why not offer business-building promotions to your best clients? With Salon & Spa Management you can send e-mails, letters and postcards. You can say happy birthday to clients, thank new clients and touch base with those that haven't visited you in a while.  

  • Reminds you of client birthdays, and special events
  • Sends emails to clients for marketing purposes
  • Generates client lists in selected categories 
  • System provides inbuilt facility for bulk email and bulk SMS to existing customers on new schemes, new launch and special offers.
Online Marketing 
Become a leader through search results. You spent the time to get your Salon & Spa’s website done right. Now it’s time to make sure it becomes visible.
  • Paid Salon & Spa Advertising
  • Organic Salon & Spa Ranking
  • Local Salon & Spa Ranking
  • Review Management

Employee Management

Salon & Spa Payroll is designed to seamlessly integrate with its management counterpart, or function independently as a stand-alone product. Federal and state withholding taxes are updated annually and are provided free of charge to all subscribers. 

Program Features

  • Handles retail and service sliding scale commissions
  • Employee roster
  • Employee salaries
  • Incentive calculations
  • Employee skill set
  • Prints payroll checks

Customer Management

Isn't it time you really got to know your clients? Salon & Spa Management will update your client histories automatically after every visit, identify your most valuable clients based on sales and referrals and even store a client picture on file.  

  • Stores client contact information
  • Records a history of services, retail sales and appointments
  • Tracks client notes
  • Automatically tracks account charges
  • Identify by phone number,etc.

GST Accounting

Isn'The Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be implemented across India from the 1st July, 2017 and it is considered as the revolutionary indirect tax reform by the experts. The main aim for the bill is to eliminate different indirect taxes like VAT, service tax, excise tax and many more. It is a promising tax reform as it will be the single combined tax system in India. However, one should not forget that the GST implementation may challenge the businesses in a way they manage their businesses.

  • GST Invoicing
  • HSN/ SAC Code Mapping
  • Auto Reconciliation from GSTN
  • GST Computation
  • GST Challan Generation
  • GST Payment
  • GST Filing
  • Free e-learning

Warehouse Management

  • Put-away/Flow through classifications
  • Special/Auto indent
  • Store specific stock levels
  • Put-away/Flow through classifications

Service and Package Management

Finding a skilled employee to service right customer is a key for an effective Salon & Spa service management. Service packages, sitting packages, special promotions, gift voucher management adds to the credibility of the salon POS.

Loyalty, Membership & Security

Managing your customer database is the key to service business success as it allows you to customize your offerings to the customers, know your customer likings and disliking etc. The CRM module allows you to manager comprehensive and detailed customer information which includes their contact details, treatment or service history, bill history are few of them. By looking at the customer wise profitability, you can include the customer in database while running any marketing or loyalty programs.

Fostering customer and prospect relationships requires running of promotional and loyalty programs based on consistent and information. POS facilitates defining rewards points, tracking customer points, redeeming points based on customer preferences, customer-buying behavior and customer segmentation.

  • Loyalty Point earning and redemption definition as per customer demand.
  • Real-Time loyalty point across all POS.
  • Card-less loyalty program - Mobile Number as Customer ID.
  • Discount card & Gift Voucher administration real-time across all POS and restricted category wise & sale volume.
  • SMS & Mail integration allows to schedule event base and transaction base activity to send SMS and mail to customers.
  • Simple customer tagging
  • Ability to use cards as well as mobiles
  • Receive advances, deposits and make refunds
  • Create different membership schemes
  • Product, Category-based earnings multiples
  • Allow or block redemption of points on promotional items
  • Real-time redemption
  • One-time password for redemption
  • Dynamic vouchers and coupons only for targeted customers at the point of sale
  • Search, add, tag customer in bill
  • Mass upload of customer data
  • Customer purchase history view
  • Customer migration to another level / tier
  • Category based targeted promotions
  • Mobile Applications


Don't waste your precious time calculating daily sales, monthly statistics and annual income totals. With Salon & Spa Management, these facts are at your fingertips, easy to locate and instantly available.  

  • Excel like reports with filters, and advanced filters
  • Configurable column settings
  • User specific setting
  • Pivot tables
  • Ability to exprt to excel/pdf/text,etc.
  • Graphical reports

Chain & Franchisee Outlets

‚ÄčRetail Industry mostly franchisee oriented , the franchisee need the commission in today’s volatile business , some time in commission format, some time MG(Minimum Guarantee) or which ever is higher. Master Franchisee who manages a group of franchisee need the commission calculated . The challenge is very complex to calculate MG or Commission ,may be category based , may be different for different discounted stocks or articles.
The documentation and due diligent documents need to kept and moves through the process of authorization by senior or even if the higher management. The hassle free document management module handle the challenge.
  • Multi-user multi-location operations
  • Common/independent customer
  • Integrated ERP from POS to FA
  • Rates associated with specific
  • regions/stores
  • Raw materials and ingredient inventory visibility
  • End-to-end tracking and traceability
  • Warehouse and distribution management
  • Warehouse and distribution management
  • Auto backup (Incremental / full backup)
  • Session begin and session end
  • Task level User security configuration
  • Blind session close
  • Separate returns counter
  • Design reports at Head office and view at POS

Web Design

Everything we do revolves around growing businesses by developing solid partnerships with Individual Beauty Industry Service Providers and Business Owners. We believe for our organization to successfully grasp the unique demands of the industry we operate in, we must constantly immerse ourselves in their environment, listen attentively, and never cease to grow. We believe that together, what we learn from the industry we operate within combined with our thorough understanding, expertise, and practical application of effective up-to-the-minute technology; we can positively impact and elevate the entire industry one business and one service provider at a time.

Other Modules

Protect your data against misuse and malicious interruptions with Salon & Spa Management. Multi-user security requires each user to log-on with a secure password. Once logged on, restrictions can be implemented to prevent access to sensitive information. 

  • Automatically backs up data to disk
  • Franchisee Operations Module
  • Operates simply and quickly
  • Includes clearly demonstrated manuals
  • Provides reports for service and retail sales, back bar usage, sales tax, inventory, appointments and general statistics
  • Provides individual user-defined access and security features
  •  Accounts receivable and payables
  •  Financial Accounting Module
  •  Internal Messaging System
  •  Task Management Modules
Why is you have integrated Hades Info Systems – Salon and Spa with Tally.ERP 9 while you already have a integrated financial accounting?

Most of the auditors and business are already using the Tally.ERP for accounting, inventory and statutory reports. We offer export data to Tally.ERP 9 as a convenience to those who want to use it for accounting, statutory reports, and payroll and audit purpose.
Do I need Tally.ERP for my accounting purposes?

Not really. Hades Info Systems POS Software has all the features you need to do sales, inventory control, customer database, invoicing and purchase orders.

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