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Software Development Solutions and IT Services 
Hades Info Systems is providing cost-effective, quality oriented, and reliable software services to clients across the globe. As experts in developing custom software solutions, we can handle all aspects of your software project (specification, designs and implementation, testing and related services). We take pride in hiring only the best developers, who fulfill each and every single need of the client. Moreover, our highly-trained web/graphic designers have the capabilities to make ergonomically-correct, user-friendly interfaces, and convenient-to-use software systems.
Concentrating our awareness to detail, and 101% commitment to absolute satisfaction for our customers, allows us to accomplish our company vision - to surpass the expectations of our clients in each and every project.
Developing prominent and successful Desktop Applications for a wide-range of companies across the globe should be added to our many fields of expertise. We are so familiar with today's design methodologies and practices, that we can identify unique needs of our clients and rectify any problems. Hades Info Systems is dedicated to developing object-oriented designs that fulfill your requirements, while exercising flexibility for those unavoidable changes that arise down the track. Exceptional communication skills, an accurate schedule, well-documented vigorous code and performing unit tests, are all the more reason to choose us. And if that wasn't enough, we are cost-effective in the developing and deploying of desktop applications.
Besides those, Hades Info Systems is using the worlds ever know fastest and easiest development platform; WINDEV 14 and WEBDEV to give the result on time and on budget. This platform become one of our key for us to provide customer with the best GUI, functionality, robustness and secure application with relatively very low cost and on time delivery. But this is only one of the multiple platform we are using, along with this we are developing in other platform of development as client have that specific request. So that you have full rights to choice of platform as well.
Customized product development
At Hades Info Systems, we understand our customer's diversified needs for customized software product development and migration of existing applications. We have developed and successfully implemented software solutions for our clients for numerous vertical markets.
We employ high level resources to design, develop, and implement software products for our clients. We understand the complexity and economics behind software development and other crucial factors. You can be confident about meeting timelines and quality while outsourcing your product development to Hades Info Systems.
Benefits of Outsourcing to Hades Info Systems:
  • We allow you the time to focus on your core business while we take care of complexities of software development
  • We have a product and technology domain savvy talent pool with experience on many platforms
  • State of the art offshore development center with state of the art communications and data processing
  • Full product life cycle testing
  • Best management practices to define the project and meet timelines
  • Cost effective software development
  • We are available 24X7 as per the needs of our clientswell.
Support & Maintenance 
At Hades Info Systems we understand that all software needs quality support and maintenance round the clock. Hades Info Systems has developed state of the art communication and other support facilities to help our offshore clients when they need us most.
Our Support Services include:
  • Critical 24X7 support
  • Troubleshooting and continual maintenance support
  • Database and data warehouse support
  • Hosting support
  • Legacy applications maintenance
  • Software product maintenance
  • Network Management and Support
Product Testing & QA 
At Hades Info Systems we understand the importance of proper testing of all software products as we understand the consequences of improper testing; therefore we use qualified resources and the best methodologies and tools for testing products.
Quality is not just confined to the source codes but it is much more than that. Nowadays in complex heterogeneous business environments, software products are supposed to excel in scalability, portability, security, industry processes and integration aspects of an enterprise. To achieve this Hades Info Systems offers state of the art testing labs for our clients and various independent software vendors.
Hades Info Systems being a software product development company possesses extensive experience producing high quality software products that face the challenges of todays business enterprises.
Our Solutions 
  • Unit, multi-unit & system testing
  • User acceptance testing (UAT)
  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Usability testing
  • Installation & Configuration testing
  • Security testing
  • Localization and Internationalization testing
  • Products integration testing
  • Regression testing
Our Expertise
Bug Tracking Tools 
  • Bugzilla (2.0 and higher)
  • Test Director 5.0
Automation Tools 
  • QTP 10.1
  • WinRunner 7.0
  • Load Runner 6.0
Profiling Tools 
  • TPTP 4.2
  • WAPT
  • Optimize It
  • Open STA
SQA Highlights
  • Highly Managed Test Labs
  • Cross Platform test coverage including Linux (32 as well as 64bit) and Windows
  • Multiple configurations coverage
  • Web and Application Servers
  • Multiple database coverage
Automation Tool Usage
  • Performance Bench-Marking and Profiling
  • Iterative Testing

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