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According to the Patricia Seybold Group, early defect detection can cut overall cost of defects by a third. More than half of all software projects fail to meet objectives or suffer significant schedule and/or budget slippage because defects are discovered too late. Studies show that finding and fixing defects during test execution can cost 50 times more than during the early requirements phase and 200 times more if left until production.

Businesses expect IT organizations to deliver high quality systems in less time, and with fewer resources. Software testing is often the first systems-development budget item to be cut when corporate spending is trimmed. Large organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to do comprehensive software testing internally.

Hades Info Systems offers comprehensive testing solutions ranging from performance to interoperability testing. Our solutions help organizations achieve predictable software quality gains while reducing the time and cost associated with testing activities.


Test Framework Design
Once the test strategy is decided, a QA team at Hades Info Systems decides upon the Test Framework Design, which has to be robust and meet the required test guidelines.

  • The purpose of the Test Framework is kept to provide a reasonably simple but powerful framework for testing the application or the product
  • Test Frameworks are designed to be platform independent for cross platform applications
  • Test Frameworks are designed based on the test documents, test cases, level of testing required and load support to be certified for the product/application
  • Hades Info Systems's team has the experience designing frameworks for Object Oriented as well as web interfaces

Authentication/Regression Testing
Hades Info Systems has performed functional and regression testing for a number of products. Our teams have the experience creating the test cases and designing the test suites for integrity of your software or web application. Our highlights are:

  • Replicating all or part of the product/application testing in local a QA laboratory or connecting directly to the client's environment
  • Creating complex test suites and selecting the right tool to use. We have experience using all the leading test tools including, WinRunner, QTP, TPTP
  • Industry standard communication models for reporting progress on the testing process
  • Selecting the appropriate defect tracking systems to report issues (we use Bugzilla as well as Test Director)

Performance testing
the objective of this test case specification is to analyze the performance of supported test configurations. Our goal is to analyze event performance in terms of throughput and latency. Along with that, system reliability and stability are one of the key objectives.

  • Performance testing measures the performance in distributed environments and the impact on performance with varying numbers of users, objects and metrics of load
  • Performance test results are archived for every major, minor and patch release
  • Scalability tests and capacity planning are done in conjunction with performance tests
  • Performance test teams design the framework to determine the throughput and latency statistics
  • Our testing insures the reliability and stability during recoveries after system failures
  • For server-client applications, our team analyzes memory consumption levels in processing server side requests
  • We monitor the performance degradation from single user to multi user work load
  • Our teams have experience working on various databases and platforms

 Product Readiness
Product readiness is determined based upon the following tests:

  • Migration/Upgrade Tests
  • Import/Export Tests
  • Multi-User Tests
  • Stress Tests
  • Performance Tests
  • Usability Tests
  • Error/Exception Tests
  • Installation Tests
  • Longevity Tests - 72 hours of continuous operation
  • Restart/Recovery Tests
  • Persistence tests
  • Platform Matrix
  • Documentation Review
  • Bug Verification

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